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Knowledge Now

A growing collection of articles authored by REIC Members on best practices and issues related to the real estate industry. If you would like to submit an article, please contact REIC.

Please note: The opinions expressed in the articles below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of REIC.


Business Ethics

The Motivation to Stay Ethical
William McCarthy, BA, FRI CPM® CLO

An Easy Hack to Avoid a Lawsuit
Natalka Falcomer, CLO

4 Top Ethical Responsibilities of a Real Estate Professional
Gareth Jones, FRI CRES

Real Estate Sales/Leasing 

Elements of Negotiation
Gian-Piero Furfaro, FRI 
Bryan Law, FRI CLO

Why aren’t you getting rich through real estate investment? 
Eddie Li, FRI CPM®

Property Management

Reserve Funds/Real Estate Finance

Martin Rumack and Gareth R. Jones, FRI CRES 
Gina Arsens, CA, CBV, CRP
John J. Molnar, FRI CPM® CRP

The (USA) Patriot Act, A Canadian Perspective
Steve Bibby, CPM®

Development from Inside Out – The Making of National Housing Finance Policy
Gilles E. Girard, FRI 

Option and The Investment Paradox 
Bryan Law, FRI CLO

Basement Renovations - The Additionless Addition 
Trevor Welby-Solomon, CRP

Service Your Heating System 
Trevor Welby-Solomon, CRP

Maintaining Your Humidifier
Trevor Welby-Solomon, CRP

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